In the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries in the cotton fields of the Mississippi Delta, and in the streets and on the levees of New Orleans, improvised instruments were germane to the birth and early development of both the Jazz and Blues musical movements. During the last quarter of the Twentieth Century, musically creative individuals became interested in reviving the art and craft of handmade stringed instruments. Spurred on by connectivity of the internet, participation in this Do-ItYourself movement increased greatly in the earliest years of the Twenty-First Century, and has now become a fullblown worldwide phenomenon.

Specialized websites, groups, parts suppliers and festivals now permeate the landscapes of Europe and North America. The Cigar Box Guitar has risen to the upper levels of mainstream popular music to the extent that celebrities like Steven Segal, Johnny Depp and Sir Paul McCartney have jumped on the bandwagon.

More information about our organization and events can be found on our website www.NewOrleansCBG.com.
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